Famil at Club Med Cherating Beach – Malaysia

Picture (Left to right): Luke Skarbek – BDM Club Med, Tanya Tyler, Jane Fowler, Pru Gallagher, Jason Smith, Irena Bryant, Maisie Noonan, Michelle Michael – Pecora

Famil at Club Med Cherating Beach – Malaysia

Located on the eastern coastline of Malaysia, Club Med Cherating Beach blends seamlessly with its lush, tropical surroundings creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. This amazig site, in the middle of the jungle allow you to live an unique experience close to nature.

Club Med Cherating Beach is the perfect family destination, with a host of activities and facilities dedicated to entertaining children of all ages but also dedicated to adults only.

Famil to Cherating Beach – October 2015

7 Travel Managers HBA’s were rewarded with 5 amazing days away recently to Club Med Cherating Beach. Perched in the jungle on 85 hectares, top selling Travel Managers indulged in free flowing cocktails, gourmet cuisine, rounds of archery and releasing baby turtles back to the ocean. Nights were filled with entertainment, and then topping it off with 2 days of serious shopping in Kuala Lumpur’s mega malls.





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