Universal Studios sends out ‘SOS’ to potential guests


  Summer of Survival (SOS) challenge to see
Universal guests having a ‘transformational’
chat with Optimus Prime.

Last week, an SOS emblazoned the skies of Los Angeles (including those above Disneyland), signaling a beginning to Universal Studios Hollywood’s new promotion to get more visitors through its gates: the Summer of Survival (or ‘SOS’) campaign.

For many, surviving summer simply involves packing extra aloe for the inevitable sunburn but for visitors to Universal Studios Hollywood the Summer of Survival involves taking on the Decepticons, standing in the middle of little skirmish between King Kong and a Tyrannosaurus Rex and disturbing the Tomb of Imhotep (who clearly isn’t a morning person).

And for thrill-seekers who think that’s all part of any trip to the popular theme park, getting a talking to from Megatron may just have them finding solace with Norman Bates on the VIP Tour.

Universal Studios Hollywood has just debuted “progressive voice technology” enabling the 12 foot tall Megatron and Optimus Prime Transformers characters to have a little chat with guests to the park (or, as was the case at this year’s International Pow Wow, hijack a press conference).

Claiming an “incredible” guest response Universal Studios Hollywood Entertainment vice president Tim Runco said that “when MEGATRON and OPTIMUS PRIME actually speak directly to our guests and ask them their name, their jaws literally drop”.

One can only imagine the conversations to be had when the minions from Despicable Me arrive for Universal Studios Hollywood’s attraction set to debut next year, ‘Despicable Me Minion Mayhem’.



Source = e-Travel Blackboard: GA
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