Planning a holiday is causing travellers stress

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Whilst many go on holidays to relieve their stress, the process of planning the getaway can be a source of stress in itself.

27 percent of Brits found planning, booking and the preparation for a trip to be a great source of stress in a recent survey commissioned by travel comparison site, with 36 percent stressing about finding accommodation within their budget and 17 percent of women sweating over packing enough underwear for the trip.

Young Brits (18-25 years old) were found to be the most stressed about holiday planning with 47 percent saying that the entire process was stressful, 29 percent confessed to having difficulty agreeing on a place to go with their friends, 51 percent worrying about their resort living up to expectations and 22 percent being concerned about getting to the airport on time.

On the other hand, 82 percent of older travellers found holiday planning to be a breeze.

With the planning stage complete, British travellers moved onto the packing stage of stress with 13 percent stating that making sure that all essentials were packed was a top concern. Other concerns included forgetting travel documents, packing the right sorts of clothes and medications, whilst 23 percent of women were worried about bringing enough pairs of shoes.

Savvy respondents who forget to pack an essential item said that they would get right to the task and purchase the forgotten item at the airport (19 percent), whilst 53 percent would wait to get to their destination and go shopping there. The youngsters however were not as relaxed with 11 percent of those surveyed admitting that panicking would be their first response to a stressful situation.

Once the plane has set off into the skies, the worrying continues as 26 percent of the British holiday makers were concerned about falling ill and six percent stressed about having to deal with misbehaving children. 10 percent also worried about arguing with their friends or family on the trip.

On the bright side, once the actual holiday began, 81 percent of the survey respondents relaxed and found this period of their holiday to be much calmer.

What do you worry about when planning a trip?

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: A.N.
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