Most travellers want to use their mobile phones in-flight

Travellers want to use their smartphones
at 35,000 feet. Image:


Attention airlines: the people have spoken and they want their phones back!

According to a recent study conducted by One Poll on behalf of AeroMobile, over 70 percent of the surveyed British travellers said that they would use their mobile phones in the air, if they could.

Surprisingly, travellers were not actually interested in making or receiving calls, with only 19 percent saying they wanted to talk on the phone, while the rest said they would want to use their mobiles for texting and social media (almost half of the people surveyed) as well as online gaming ( a third of those surveyed).

Under 35s were leading the technological demand with over 80 percent stating that they would use their phones during a flight, compared to just over half of over 55s.

Women were found be more likely to use their phones for social media, whilst men needed their phones for making and receiving in-flight calls.

How much would you pay to use your mobile phone at 35,000 feet?


Source = e-Travel Blackboard: A.N.
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