TAM Linhas Aereas

TAM Linhas Aereas

TAM Linhas Aereas began its days as TAM Marilia. It was founded in early 1961 in the interior state of Sao Paulo by a group of air-taxi pilots from the same area. They began their operations in and around the region which was experiencing a huge agricultural boom. This boosted the economy of both the region and the airline, and today, it is one of the most successful regional airlines in Brazil.

In fact, they offer the largest number of destinations in Brazil. This claim can be backed by the airline’s operations to 66 domestic destinations and 41 cities throughout Brazil, offering an extensive network to both the locals and the travellers to the country.

As the airline’s Investor Relations Strategy states: “TAM’s strategic goal is to consolidate and expand its leadership in the domestic passenger market and to attain high levels of profitability. The Company will seek to pursue this goal by offering an overall service that delivers superior value for money to passengers, by continuing to reduce costs and by increasing the return on capital invested.”

Such a strategy underpins TAMs excellent reputation as an efficient service provider throughout Brazil. This can be illustrated by the fact that all of TAM flight attendants are not only multi-lingual, but are also security technicians ensuring the ultimate safety of the airline’s passengers with a smile. Team this with the fact that TAM was presented with the 2004 Airline Excellence Award by Skytrax to the airline, and it seems that it is an airline that is up there with the other international airlines in the world.

Many respond to such a comment, saying that they are a regional carrier that offers top class service only domestically, when in fact, TAM operates regular flights to Europe and North America. Their continual expansion is not limited to just its country – TAM is an airline that seeks to provide quality air services to their passengers, where ever they may be going.

Which is why they offer services such as a wake-up call, baby strollers and wheelchair reservations, as well as the facilities that can be expected in world-class carriers. This means that First and Executive class passengers will be able to enjoy playing with the remote controlled personal screens that offers a wide range of board games, films and entertainment.

Team this will full onboard service and the airline’s Fidelidade Flyer Program, and TAM customers are sure to be offered the best, safest and most efficient service that can be found in South America.

For more information about TAM Linhas Aereas, visit their website at www.tam.com.br.

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