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Steirereck im Stadtpark tea cart
Steirereck im Stadtpark chocolate cart
Steirereck im Stadtpark bread cart

Steirereck im Stadtpark, A Ringside Seat For Appeasing The Appetite

Steirereck im Stadtpark is famous for its Meierei, which means ‘dairy’ in German; this is the café/restaurant serving more than 120 types of cheese in a variety of manners, from sandwiches to tasting platters, along with a fine menu for casual meals.  The Meierei’s entrance elicits smiles; few places have floor to ceiling murals of blue cheese, which when blown up to colossal size looks a lot like granite.

The Meierei, fine fun that it offers, is only a harbinger to the pleasure of the main restaurant.   In contrast to the Baroque splendours of Vienna’s many palaces, the restaurant’s interior is elegant in its simplicity, a good indication of the food style as well.  Here, purity of flavour is of utmost importance, and chef Heinz Reitbauer ensures that his patrons experience a meal to remember.  There are the adventurous flavour combinations, yes, but it is the flavour of each ingredient individually that impresses.

As do the carts.  Steirereck im Stadtpark’s carts wheel pleasure right to the table.  The bread cart is a rolling bakery, full of fresh breads just out of the oven, some traditional German breads, others with stimulating additions like fennel or sundried tomato.  All are sublime.  Evidently, elevating something basic like the bread to exalted status pleases the guests, who rejoice like children when the cart appears, their bread sliced thick or thin in deference to preference.

Two other carts come after dinner.  One is the teacart, but don’t expect a cartful of prettily coloured sachets of dried leaves, not here.  Instead, what comes is a virtual rolling nursery of plants.  Much like his golf counterpart, the tea caddy is ready to advise which selection to make and proffers a leaf or two snapped right off the plant to confirm the decision.  Guests enjoy the direct association with plant and drink without a white gauze intermediary carrying dried bits of flavour.

The final cart is the most joyous of all.  Chocolates assume their rightful place as the finishing touch to the superb meals, and again the range of chocolates surpasses the norm, with abundant options to please the palate.

The excellence in food quality is matched by that of the staff, who are perfect in their attention without the overbearingness that can occur in more formal restaurants.  With a vast array of Austrian wines to accompany the meal from bread to chocolate, allow the staff to make recommendations in matching wines with the courses served.

Steirereck im Stadtpark is a Relais & Chateaux property located in Vienna’s green expanse of the Stadtpark, on the inner city’s eastern edge, close to many of the top hotels lining the Ring just opposite the park. 

Vienna is easily reached with Swiss International Air Lines, itself no stranger to fine living in a country setting.  Connecting at pastoral Zurich Airport, one of Europe’s most convenient and least congested, already brings a refreshing bit of rural quality to a major air hub with an average of eight flights a day linking Zurich and Vienna.

Steirereck im Stadtpark
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