Rescued Brown Pelicans Arrive at the Flamingo Las Vegas Wildlife Habitat

The Wildlife Habitat at Flamingo Las Vegas is now home to two recently rehabilitated brown pelicans rescued by the Pacific Wildlife Project. Flamingo adopted the birds, one male and one female, which were rendered flightless following injuries sustained after being entangled by fishing lines. The pair, “Bugsy” and “Virginia,” was introduced into their new home earlier today.

The Wildlife Habitat has undergone renovations to best accommodate the new inhabitants. The island, which was originally home to a colony of penguins, has been repainted and repaired and a dock structure was installed as a perching area for the pelicans. There are also plans for vegetation on the island to be replanted with lush greenery. This free attraction is open 24 hours a day with two presentations daily at 8:30 a.m. and 2 p.m.

“We set out to create a replica of the pelicans’ original habitat in order to help with their rehabilitation,” said Robin Matos, wildlife manager at Flamingo. “The island is complete with a cooling mist system for those extra hot days which will drop the temperature 30 to 40 degrees, more in line with their natural environment.”

The names for the pelicans, selected from a naming contest held for Flamingo Las Vegas employees, give recognition to the resort’s original owner Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel and his girlfriend Virginia Hill. Siegel opened Flamingo in 1946 as the first luxury resort of its kind naming it after Hill who was known for her fiery red hair and long legs.

The Pacific Wildlife Project rehabilitates anywhere from 100 to 300 birds per year making every attempt to return the rescued animals to their native habitats after rehabilitation. When certain injuries make the return to the wild impossible, the organization works to find suitable host locations for the animals. In this case, the staff members of at the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat were chosen to care for the pouched fowl.

The Wildlife Habitat has become a popular attraction at the famed Strip resort and is perfect for all ages. Guests will see many types of animals in this 15-acre habitat housing four species of turtles, eight species of ducks, black swans, black neck swans, five pound white sturgeon, several 30-pound koi fish, 40-pound catfish and 50-pound grass-carp, five parrots, ten pink flamingos, two helmet guineafowls, two ibis, and now two brown pelicans. In total, the habitat is home to about 500 animals and it continues to grow and repopulate as needed.

Source = Flamingo Las Vegas
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