Singapore: Inside Out travelling showcase invites local and international audiences to discover Singapore’s contemporary creative scene


From April to November 2015, a travelling showcase celebrating Singapore’s contemporary creative talents will travel to Beijing, London and New York before returning to Singapore. As part of the SG50 celebrations, “Singapore: Inside Out” willshine the spotlight on our creative talents who have gained recognition and acclaim for their works.

Singapore: Inside Outis an initiative led by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and is supported by agencies such as the National Arts Council and DesignSingapore Council. It will be a showcase that presents cross-disciplinary works of local talents across a spectrum of the creative industries and disciplines. Some of the featured sectors include architecture, design, fashion, film, food & beverage, music, and literary, performing and visual arts. Set in a specially designed modular structure (refer to Annex B), the showcase will debut in Beijing (April 2015), before heading to London (June 2015) and New York (September 2015). Each international presentation will last for five days, while the homecoming finale in Singapore (November 2015) will be an extended 10-day presentation.

“As Singapore turns 50, it is timely for us to celebrate the achievements of our talents and developments in our creative ecosystem. While Singapore is renowned for its business-city credentials, less is known about our creative sector. Through Singapore : Inside Out, we hope to spark conversations in 2015 and beyond aboutthe creative talent and work emerging from our city,” said Ms Melissa Ow, Assistant Chief Executive, Singapore Tourism Board.

Mr Randy Chan, who helms one of Singapore’s leading local architectural studios Zarch Collaboratives as Principal Architect, has been appointed as the project’s creative director, and will lead the development of the creative concept and programming of Singapore : Inside Out. Mr Chan and his team at Zarch Collaboratives will be working very closely with local talents to develop this showcase.

“Through my architectural practice, I’ve had the privilege of sharing Singapore with overseas audiences and am often surprised at how little is known about our burgeoning creative scene. As both an architect and artist, I am very excited to be given this rare opportunity of introducing a slice of our creative scene and talents internationally,” said Mr Chan. “Visitors to the showcase can expect an engaging and immersive experience specially designed to surprise and challenge their current perceptions of Singapore,” he added.

Singapore: Inside Out is an invitation to rediscover Singapore as reimagined by some of the talents shaping Singapore’s contemporary creative culture. Through collaborations across disciplines and geographies, this modular showcase encourages fresh encounters and new perspectives of looking at Singapore. The showcase will be set within an intricate lattice of scaffolding and provide an intimate environment with multi-sensorial experiences for the audiences.

Source = Singapore Tourism Board
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