One of the things I loved about Piaui’s coast was the clear blue skies. I was visiting in October, the dry season, which is a perfect time to explore the “adventure zone” with guaranteed fine weather. The final leg of my Piaui adventure has taken me to the Atlantic Ocean. Yes, Piaui has a coast.  At only 66 kilometres in length it is not a large coastline, but its entire length is filled with scenic delights.

The Parnaiba Delta

The Parnaiba region is where the delta of five rivers meets the sea and discharges into the Atlantic Ocean. You’ll find mangrove rainforests, rolling sand dunes, untouched beaches and estuaries where dolphins, alligators, sea turtles and burnt-orange sea horses play (plus a few Piranhas).

Piaui’s coast basks in Brazilian warmth, home not only to the beautiful, friendly, local people but  also home to a variety of wildlife, from river parrots, monkeys and enormous anaconda snakes.

An ecological sanctuary, the Parnaiba Delta is a little piece of paradise. It’s where tourism has truly taken hold in Piaui and a haven for sport and nature loving travellers. In 1991 the Parnaiba Delta was declared an Environmental Protection area. Because things never stay the same, travellers love to come here to see the changing landscapes. Giant rolling sand dunes swallow up towns like in “Lagoa do Portinho”, where the dunes have already engulfed two restaurants and now threaten the township and the lagoon itself.

The best way to see the delta is by speed boat from Parnaíba city. After about an hour’s ride you’ll transfer to canoes which easily slip into the murky back waters, deep into wilderness to explore one of the richest and untouched eco-systems on the planet.

Rolling sand dunes soon to engulf Lagoa do Portinho                            Parnaiba Delta Mangrove Forest

Crabs “Caranguejo” a dietry staple                          Parnaíba Delta an environmental protection area

Luís Correa

Parnaíba city is the party city of Piaui. Night owls may choose to stay downtown while surf lovers have a choice of many beach resorts. The “Aimbere Eco Resort Hotel”, right on Praia do Coqueiro (Coconut Beach) in Luis Correia, where we stayed, was the perfect place to be welcomed with Brazil’s national drink, a traditional “Caipirinha”.

Brazil’s national drink, the “Caipirinha”

Barra Grande

Once a small fishing village, Barra Grande is famous for Kite Surfing fans. It’s Brazil’s perfect location for riding the Atlantic breezes. Staying in thatched hut bungalows you can feast on fresh seafood including lobster & crab, all with the beach right on your door step. There are plenty of other water sports including windsurfing and jet ski adventures, or paddle the estuaries to see the wild seahorses up close.

Barra Grande beach popular for Kite Surfing

Piaui’s Tourism Future

With its diverse scenic wonders, pristine wilderness areas and friendly and welcoming locals Piaui is poised to become one of the new “must visit” destinations for the adventure and eco-tourist.  If you want a holiday a bit off the beaten track this little known part of Brazil is bound to please.

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The best time to visit the delta coast is between April and June when the rain fills the dune lakes.  Domestic airlines offer flights to Parnaiba Airport, which is being extended to accommodate 767 aircraft.  Coach connections are available from Fortaleza. To explore all of Piaui base yourself in Teresina, the main point of entry for the south, centre and the coast.

The Australian representative for travel to Piaui is Globe Travel, The Brazilian Travel Centre located in Melbourne. Contact them for travel agent enquiries or retail packages for the public.

Brazilian Travel Centre
800 Glen Huntly Road
Caulfield South VIC 3162
Phone: 1300 132 636 or +61 (03) 9523 5899

Where to stay

1. Paranaiba City
Pousada Casa Inglesa Hotel
Av Presidente Vargas 235, Centro
Parnaíba, PI
Phone: (86) 3321-1179

2. Luis Correia
Aimbere Eco Resort Hotel
Rua Projetada
Praia do Coqueiro PI
Phone: (86) 3366 1142

Paranaiba Delta
3. Ilha das Canarias
Pousada Recanto dos Passaros

4. Ilha do Caju
Refúgio Ecológico Ilha do Cajú
Phone: (86) 9983 3331

5. Barra Grande
Pousada Rota dos Ventos
Pontal da Barra, 234
Barra Grande PI
Phone: (86) 3369 8161

Pousada Vento do Mar
Pontal da Barra, 318
Barra Grande PI
Phone: (86) 9924 4131

Pousada Ventos Nativos
Pontal da Barra, 339
Barra Grande PI
Phone: (86) 9439 3796

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Part 2

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