Thailand BFF Mega Famil, Day Four: Wine tasting and mushroom picking


Day four of our Best Friends Forever Mega Famil in Thailand starts a little later than usual and we feel feel a lot more refreshed this morning thanks to our sleep in.
A few of us opted for a morning swim in the hotel’s infinity pool above the gym which has spectacular views.

We had a 45 minute drive ahead of us, but we were looking forward to checking out the PB Winery.  PB is short for the owners name, Dr Piya Bhirombhakdi, who’s family also own the famous Thai Singha beer.

The winery has two to three different grape varieties, and with temperatures averaging around 28 degrees year round, this allows for consistency of flavour throughout the grapes.

The wine is bottled around October, using a machine which ensures there are no bad quality grapes, and it takes 15-18 days to extract the colours and flavours, before it is pressed and finalised.

There is a room with stainless steel machines that turn sugar into alcohol, then into the pumping machine to make sure there is no more yeast in the young grape.  Oxygen can go through the wine and allow more body to the wine and sometimes it’s the same wine, just blending them differently.  It takes three to four years to brew a beautiful wine, a lengthy but necessary process.

It was interesting to learn that Thailanad They are taxed the highest on alcohol in the world.

The sticky, sweet aroma of fermentation filling the air was absolutely divine and luckily we got the opportunity to try out some wine tasting.  The first wine we try is the Chenin Blanc, which is light, slightly dry and well balanced and is worth 1,870 Baht, which equates to around AUD $65 – $70.

The second wine we are introduced to is the Shiraz Rose, with a strawberry infused flavour.  This is an excellent wine to have with seafood and mild Thai food and is worth 790 Baht, around  AUD$30.

Next we get to sample the Shiraz, which has a beautiful plum flavour to it, comparable to other quality Shiraz around the world.  This wine would be paired well with Thai and meat dishes and costs 790 Baht.

Lastly, we try the Spanish Tempranillo, which is also referred to as “Honey moon wine”.  It is heavier in the body and in volume, but a gorgeous, deep red wine nonetheless.  It costs 1,870 Baht.


After our wine tasting, we enjoy a beautiful lunch at the winery, with a lot of dishes shared by all.

Our next stop is the Organic Mushroom Farm which is around a 45 minute drive from PB Winery, where we were educated about the 12 varieties of mushrooms grown on this farm and resort.

We learn that mushrooms are good for your over-all health and are meant to help prevent cancer, diabetes and even lower cholesterol.

On the resort, there is a mushroom shaped pool, two-level hotel room accommodation, and mushroom infused dishes feature prominently on the menu – there is even a mushroom drink with a slightly sweet taste to it.

We end the evening with a hotel inspection and dinner at a beautiful local restaurant, sharing the delicious variety of dishes between us.

For more photos, check out our photo gallery here.

Source = ETB News: Jade Morris
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