Thailand BFF Mega Famil, Day Three: Local villages and crafts, more spice and a majestic waterfall

Hand made silks hang in Nakhon Ratchasima’s Silk Village

Day three of our Best Friends Forever Mega Famil in Thailand starts off with a drive to a large pottery village in Dank Kwian, on the outskirts of Korat, where the locals live and work.

The clay is perfect for making pottery due to it’s unique iron properties and the locals sit under shelter from the sun and make clay during the day.

Once the pottery has been hand-made, it’s transported to the fire pit and depending on how many days it cooks for, will determine the outcome of the colours.

The final product of the pottery is outstanding and ranges from anything from owls, to pots, to little children, with immaculate detailing.  Whether small or large, nothing seems too challenging for these hard working, local Thai people.

After our clay pottery demonstration and tour, we then make our way to lunch which consisted of local delicacies, from sweet and sour chicken to green curry.
One end of the table was set up with very spicy dishes, while the other  end of the table was for less spicy…which were still spicy!

The local and very popular Thai beer, Singha, is the perfect option for washing down a spicy meal and goes great with hot flavours.

After lunch, we head to a silk village in Nakhon Ratchasima, where, like the pottery village, it’s local people are dedicated to making silk during the day.
All silk machines are hand made by wood, nails and rope and local women usually operate these machines to make anything from shirts to skirts.

Walking down to Heaw Narok Waterfall

After leaving the silk village, we take a ride up a long, winding road with our friends from Thai Tourism Australia, up into the beautiful, lush rainforest.

We make our way to a famous waterfall called Heaw Narok Waterfall, which means Hell’s Waterfall.

Although the walk was slightly challenging, it was well worth it to see this large and powerful waterfall.

Back in the tour truck, we head off on a night safari.  Although there was a downpour of rain, we were offered ponchos by our tour guides, to try and stay dry, as we watched the reindeer.

We finished the day with a beautiful glass of red wine and a delicious four course meal – a truly devine way to end a long day!

For more photos, check out our photo gallery here.

Source = ETB News: Jade Morris
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