Thailand BFF Mega Famil, Day Two: Road trips, ancient ruins and plenty of spice!

 Phi Mai Ruins

Rising slightly earlier this morning, on Day Two of our Best Friends Forever mega media famil in Thailand, we gather in the lobby of Sukosol Hotel and get ready for our long journey ahead to discover more of Thailand’s gems.

Our tour guide Suree gives us an overview of the day ahead and pleasantly surprises us by telling us our tour bus is fitted with massage features in the seats and can be activated at the push of a button.  The tour bus was already state-of-the-art, but this was an exciting bonus to experience, so I tilted my chair back, hit the “full” button and settled in for a truly relaxing ride!

An hour and a half into the trip, we pulled over at our first pitt stop for a snack freshen up before continuing the journey to the beautiful Lamtakong Dam view point.  With 310 million cubic meters of water filling the dam, it was quite the sight to behold.

On our way to our next destination, Phimai, we enjoyed a scenic drive passing through rice fields as Suree talked about the crops, saying it took four months to harvest the rice.

For lunch, we stopped at a local restaurant where we shared a vast variety of dishes and were able to try a range of new and exciting herbs and flavours.  The local food included mango salad, BBQ duck, Dom Sap Soup  and my favourite, Pad Hmee (pronounced “Pad Me”).  It was interesting to notice there were no entree, main meal or dessert sections on the menus, just the “Main meal” option.

Our next stop was to the ancient sight, Phi Mai Ruins.  We were surrounded by beautiful monuments and temples dating back centuries, over thousands of years ago, all condensed into one small area of land.

We finished the day with an authentic Thai dinner at a local Thai restaurant back, where we shared our dishes once again in order to sample all the variety.  Thai people like their food spicy, and chilies featured prominently throughout the dishes.  The crowd favourite was the crumbed, deep fried fish, a true standout.

For more photos, check out our photo gallery here.

Source = ETB News: Jade Morris
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