Amadeus simplifies visa management for agents

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Amadeus has released a new visa and passport software solution that streamlines the process of organising for travel agents.

The new Amadeus Visa Pass software contains three complementary solutions which allow agents to fulfill their clients passport and visa requirements through the entire booking process.

During pre-booking, travel agents are alerted about travellers’ visa and passport expiry dates via email and queue messages whereas during the booking stage, Visa Pass will inform the agent of the traveller’s nationality and destination and then generate a Passenger Record Number for easy reference.

Finally, during post-booking, Visa Pass can help agents track, create and update visa request applications through the visa tracking portal.

Amadeus Asia Pacific vice president distribution commercial Leon Herce said that Visa Pass will simplify the booking process substantially.

“The travel potential in Asia Pacific is unmatched anywhere else in the world; however visa processing is often complicated,” Leon Herce.

“Our goal is to simplify the visa management process as much as possible for both the travel agency and the traveller. Amadeus Visa Pass completely changes the way travel agents can handle the visa process on behalf of their customers, which will undoubtedly remove some of the hassle commonly associated with visas in Asia Pacific.”


Source = ETB News: Tom Neale
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