Bangkok: Temples, Flower Markets, China Town and meeting Khun Sukosol


On our first day in Bangkok, we start by going down the Chao Phraya River on the Canal, visiting the Grand Palace and temples along the way, with almost all of them covered in 23 carat gold.

There are a total of 43,000 temples in Thailand, some dating as far back as 1782 and The Grand Palace belongs to the King, not the government, as commonly mistaken.

We were able to see the famous Emerald Buddha, which you are not allowed to take photos of from inside the temple.  This beautiful Emerald Buddha is a symbol of Good Luck.


We walked through the temple with the 43 metre reclining Buddha in front of us, which was an absolutely unbelievable sight to behold, a masterpiece in its own right.

Shortly after, we went into another temple to quietly meditate and learn more about the real Buddha and his thought patterns.  They dress the Buddha in three different types of clothing, to reflect the seasons; summer season, rainy season and cold season.

The temple’s ornate detailing dated back to 1728, and the original paintings nearly 200 years old.  Some of the paintings have needed touching up every now and again to keep them in pristine condition.

The Temple at the Grand Palace also doubles as a pet sanctuary, with Thai people who are no longer able to care for their pets, bring them here to be cared for by the Monks and available for adoption.


After exploring the magnificent temples, our next stop was the flower market, which sells only fresh flowers, fruit and vegetables.  There was an abundant variety of flowers to admire, all beautifully and artfully presented.
We tried a selection of three different fruits; mangostreen, rambutan and lamyai.  The mangostreen was a personal favourite, with its beautiful refreshing flavour with a punch of sweetness to finish.

China Town also provides the tourist with an interesting experience.  Plenty of fashion and novelty stores, as well as souvenir shops offering everything from backpacks to toys.
The old China Town is just a street over from the newer part, which eventually was spread this out over to a wider street to allow for more people to flow through.

Once we return back to Sukosol Hotel, we are formally invited to sit with the Company Founder, Kamala Sukosol, and settled in for a fantastic evening. The food was full of flavour and the company was even better. Khun Sukosol gave us a copy each of her one of her new CD, “Love” where she sings with her daughter Marisa, a lovely and thoughtful gift to remember a wonderful evening by.

A graceful, beautiful and very intelligent woman, Khun Sukosol spoke of everything from politics to her favourite live artist and we were over-whelmed with how polite and welcoming the Thai people are, as well as their English speaking skills.

Tomorrow, we head out on a road trip journey to Phimai, to explore more of this fascinating region’s culture and history.

For more photos, check out our photo gallery here.

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