American Express launches premium GBT platform


American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) has launched its premium travel management platform, created for frequent business travellers in mind, which will provide a tailored, around the clock service from a dedicated team of travel experts.

First from American Express Global Business Travel will offer end-to-end proactive travel management and care, including immediate caller recognition, tailored trip planning, continuous monitoring and anticipation of the traveller’s needs.

The platform’s elite team of experts are virtually supporting the traveller through next-generation technology, from selecting an airline seat to resolve issues on the traveller’s behalf, utilising strong supplier relationships and working with the latest travel disruption notification technology.

The First experience starts with a welcome interview, enabling the First team to better understand the traveller’s habits, priorities and preferences, before the travellers is assigned with a single, dedicated team of experts available to them around the clock, regardless of location, to find solutions to travel obstacles so the traveller can enjoy a productive, comfortable and safe trip.

“Having access, 24-seven, to dedicated travel counsellors who understand frequent business travellers’ preferences and priorities is reassuring and time-saving,” American Express Global Business Travel, Asia, general manager David Reimer.

“Not only is it just about proactively monitoring for anything which could disturb travel plans, it’s about having the ability and power to solve issues on the traveller’s behalf, and in addition to providing peace of mind to the traveller, the lever of support provided by First eases a company travel manager’s already considerable workload, especially in times of significant travel disruption.”

First from American Express Global Business Travel is now available to American Express Global Business Travel customers in Australia, the U.K., and the U.S.


Source = ETB News: Lana Bogunovich
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