Hotel Beacon NYC: A haven of comfort in a city rushed


In the crowded hours and empty throngs, in the choreographed chaos and symphonic though rare, silence, there is a place that guides you – welcomes you – home: the Hotel Beacon NYC.

This is one for the Seinfeld fans.

"I’m at the corner of First, and First. Wait a minute. How can the same street intersect with itself? I must be at the nexus of the universe!" Cosmo Kramer

At the intersection of 72nd Street, Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue, we emerge from the subway, blinking away a still-winter sun. It’s suddenly green here and the buildings don’t loom over you they way they do in mid-town. We continue up Broadway for three short blocks and, there, beside the famed Beacon Theatre (think Radiohead, Queen, the Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson), is our home for the next few nights.

We’re greeted by name before we’ve even reached the check-in counter and while our room is not yet ready (it’s just on 7.00am), they store our luggage and we wander the neighborhood.

"Look to the cookie!" Jerry Seinfeld
While historic H&H bagels has now closed, we stumble into the highly referenced Zabar’s, an Upper West Side landmark and specialty food store (and just a short walk from Hotel Beacon). ‘Isn’t this where…? And that show with the…?’

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan sparred in Zabar’s aisles in You’ve Got Mail, and nearly every show set in, or featuring a one-time New Yorker, references the place: Seinfeld, The Colbert Report, Mad About You, 30 Rock, Sex in the City, How I Met Your Mother…

We walk out with vegan mushroom soup, a potato knish, cinnamon babka (because they’re just as good chocolate ones) and a black and white cookie.

"That’s one tuck, one no tuck." George Costanza
We’ve trawled the streets for Seinfeldisms, and visited nearby museums and galleries, until feet sore, we arrive to find our corner suite at the Hotel Beacon waiting.

We look out over the Hudson River and into a room bigger than our apartment back home. A previous trip to New York saw us in a place where, arms outstretched, we could touch both walls of our room. Not here.

The Hotel Beacon’s rooms are ‘oversized’ and all suites contain a kitchenette with all the trimmings (lovely crockery, not the stock white stuff you would expect in a hotel of this size).

And despite it having over some 260 rooms and suites, it never loses its charm.

The rooms are furnished thoughtfully and in a style that resembles more an Upper West Side apartment rather than a hotel, so it’s easy to forget that you’re not moving in.

"I work for Vandelay Industries." George Costanza
Free wireless internet makes this the perfect hotel for a business traveler. Many a hotel offers great meeting facilities (as does the Hotel Beacon), but the fact that I can access my emails and check in with the office back home without having to claim internet as an expense is a small, but welcome blessing.

"Is it possible that I am not as attractive as I think I am?" Elaine Benes

To love New York City is a cliche stamped on t-shirts and the bags you put them in. But here, on the Upper West Side, away from the flashing neon of Times Square, in a room at the Hotel Beacon, it’s a grown up love sure to last a lifetime.

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