Sefa Kitchen: Mod Med In Bondi


Another full house at Sefa Kitchen.

For people accustomed to frequent international travel, sampling the wonderful cuisines of the world, having an unusually delicious meal at home can be just as memorable.

With that in mind, residents and visitors to Sydney would do well to make their way to Sefa Kitchen, a small restaurant in Bondi where the already enticing flavours of the Near East are further enhanced by deft preparation and friendly service in a atmospheric location.


Generous portions reflect Sefa Kitchen’s generous spirit.

A smart menu appeals to the palate without defining dishes as entree or main course; all the day’s options are listed together, which makes choosing among the diversity of enticing dishes all the more fun.


Simon Zalloua, Head Chef at Sefa Kitchen.

Beyond the convivial spirit, amicable servers, and eclectic decor is Head Chef Simon Zalloua, whose talent for finding flavour combinations that work fantastically well together brings wonderful taste sensations to patrons enjoying Sefa Kitchen’s Modern Mediterranean cuisine.

Simon is one of those affable, easygoing young chefs with flair who make the hard work seem effortless when its results are presented on the plate―and it is certainly effortless for Sefa Kitchen patrons to enjoy the excellent food brought to the table, perhaps accompanied by a nice red or an exotic cocktail conjured with enthusiasm by Jessie, Sefa’s resident avant-gardista.


Take a seat.

Part of the fun of Sefa Kitchen is the restaurant’s interesting decoration using a mix of items from Turkish movie posters to votive candles glowing from within the exposed brick walls. For once, a restaurant’s lighting is perfect, not to dark as to make reading the menu a chore and not to bright as to be under a spotlight. Even when the place is busy, which is always, the food arrives without delay while leaving just enough time between courses to savour the experience―just like they do in the Mediterranean.

Booking can be made online direct from the Sefa Kitchen website’s Contact page.

Sefa Kitchen
292 Bondi Road
Bondi NSW
02 8068 6461



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