Palm Springs Desert Dining


The breakfast room at The Willows.

 At its peak during the busy winter season when snowbirds from colder climes in the US, Canada, and Europe make their way to the city’s stunning setting beside the San Jacinto Mountains, Palm Springs see an influx of part-time residents and visitors to fill the many buzzy bars and chic restaurants that have contributed to the synergy of Palm Springs’ renaissance.

Among these are Johannes, the eponymous restaurant owned by Austrian chef Johannes Bacher who has taken Old World know-how and applied it with great skill to the freshest of California ingredients, the wonderful result being the excellent meals served in his establishment at 196 South Indian Canyon Drive.

Another place of the moment is Lulu, busy day and night with millionaire residents in Armani Collezioni at one table and the kneesocks-and-sandals brigade at another. Everyone comes to Lulu at one time or another during a stay in Palm Springs, especially for the convivial happy hour when pre-dinner drinks can easily become an all-night affair.


Classic French style at Le Vallauris.

Other restaurants may come and go, but no other establishment in the city can touch the apron strings of the timeless Le Vallauris. The apotheosis of Palm Springs fine dining, Le Vallauris is the domain of owner-chef Paul Bruggemans, the man who left his much celebrated Le St Germain restaurant in Hollywood to assume the challenge of starting all over again in a 1927 heritage building on the edge of Palm Springs.

The famous fig-tree patio is the place for lunch and dinner among the smart set, though the restaurant’s interior is just as appealing with its well-appointed decor. No matter where one sits at Le Vallauris, the service is flawless, the food amazing.

Le Vallauris is located across the street from The Willows, the most beautiful hotel in Palm Springs. A former mansion on exquisitely manicured grounds, The Willows is now an exclusive guesthouse welcoming sophisticated travellers who seek a refined ambience in their accommodation. With its private patio and historic furnishings, the Einstein Room is among the most coveted rooms in the house―and yes, it is named for Albert Einstein, friend of a previous owner of The Willows. The day’s dining starts in style in The Willows’ elegant breakfast room where the historic ceiling and fireplace are complemented by tan outdoor terrace and private waterfall.

Read all about Palm Springs delectable dining options on the restaurants page of the Palm Springs Bureau Of Tourism.


Source = ETB News: Robert La Bua

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