Beach Brazil: Txai Resort Itacaré


One of the pools at Txai.

Txai Itacaré is the type of resort that is continuing to gain favour around the world, combining the relaxed ambience of casual luxury with a high level of comfort and service. While the trend has grown for years on other continents, the concept of small, low-key, discreet properties offering refined accommodation is relatively new in Brazil, where size and luxury have long been entwined. For those travellers who eschew hotel towers in favour of more intimate surroundings, Txai offers an ideal base for enjoying the best of Brazil: warm hospitality in tropical surroundings, a bit of beach with a bit of culture, where an abundance of exotic fruits, including cacau here on the Cocoa Coast, are part of everyday life.

Txai Itacaré offers something different from the standard Brazilian hotel experience. Located on one of the many pristine beaches of southern Bahia state’s Cocoa Coast, Txai is a private compound of individual bungalows spread over large grounds on the beachfront between the towns of Ilhéus and Itacaré. In a country where service is often indifferent, the level of attention lavished on guests at Txai is as exceptional as the culinary wonders emanating from the kitchen of Paulinho Martins, who supervises the food and beverage at Txai with meticulous care. Bahian cuisine is exceptionally flavourful, but the special ingredients used in its preparation are nearly impossible to find outside their place of origin, which explains why there has not been a boom in Bahian restaurants around the world as there has been in recent years for Peruvian cuisine. Best, then, to come to Bahia to enjoy such delicacies as acarajé and vatapá in situ.


Txai grounds.


Bungalow 4 and its private view of the Atlantic.

The resort’s comfortable and spacious bungalows are sited by the beach or on a bluff looking out to the ocean. Txai’s well-run spa is also up on the bluff, where sweeping views of the palm-fringed coastline add to the relaxation factor. For families and others seeking more exclusive seclusion, privately owned homes located on the Txai estate are also available for hire.

Ilhéus is easily reached by nonstop flights from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro with TAM Airlines, the Brazilian arm of LATAM Airlines Group that offers flights from Sydney to Santiago on LAN. Private transport in the Cocoa Coast region is a necessity in order to make the best use of one’s time; South America Travel Centre can arrange airport transfers, transport, and guides to explore the region’s attractions, though allow some time to just relax at Txai’s beach bar where the best of delicious Bahian cuisine is washed down with a refreshing caipirinha or batida de coco.


Source = ETB News: Robert La Bua

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