British cruise ships turned away from Argentina

The P&O Adonia

Authorities at the Argentinean port of Tierra Del Fuego have prohibited two British cruise ships from docking at the city of Ushuaia as tensions between the United Kingdom and Argentina continue to mount on the eve of the 30th anniversary of the Falkland Islands war.

The P&O-owned Adonia and Star Princess, each carrying between 700 and 2000 passengers, were turned away shortly before they were due to dock, forcing them to divert their courses.

The Adonia will now dock in Chile, while the next stop for the Star Princess has yet to be announced.

Star Princess passenger, Michael Campbell, was upset by the drama.

“It is a real shame as it has put a spanner in the works of what has been a nice holiday,” he said.

“It is pretty immature from Argentina’s point of view.”

P&O has issued a brief statement on the matter.

“Following its call at the Falkland Islands on Saturday, February 25, the local port authorities have not permitted Adonia to berth at Ushuaia, Argentina,” a spokesperson said.

“The ship is on an 87-night South America Adventure which departed Southampton on January 13, 2012.”

Protected by a team of special forces, Prince William is currently on duty in the Falklands.
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.T
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