Sancho Bay serenades sun obsessed world


Research released by the website TripAdvisor, elected Sancho Bay – Fernando de Noronha, Brazil, as the best beach in the world.

The beach is situated in an island 200 miles away from the Northeast  Coast of Brazil.

Sancho Bay leads a list that includes other 322 beaches from all over the world.

"This study has defined Brazil as the best destination in the world for those who want to enjoy a trip to the seaside. Sancho Bay was voted the best among more than 300 beaches in 42 countries. A deserved recognition," TripAdvisor’s marketing director, Barbara Messing said. 

"Even if you can’t visit one of these stunning locations soon, just by looking at the photos you will be transported for a moment to these havens."

The ranking, is on its second year edition.

The positions are determined by analyzing the quality and quantity of a year's worth of TripAdvisor user reviews of beaches across the World.

Baia do Sancho moved up from a No. 4 ranking last year to the top of this edition.

Source = ETB News: Lucas Lempek
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