Floating mess could be MH370


Satellite images showing 122 floating objects in the Indian Ocean could be the remains of MH370.

Malaysia’s acting transport minister, Hishamuddin Hussein, said the pictures of the objects, which are between 1 to 23 metres was the most fruitful lead yet in the search, the Guardian reported.

Extra ships have already been searching the zone, after weather prevented them from looking further than the 1500 search zone about 2,500 km west of Perth.

Twelve planes and Chinese ship Xue Long are working with South Korea to search for any debris.

Mr Hussein said that there is no clear assurance that the objects are actually parts of the plane. “

“[The area] is not far from the objects sighted by China and Australia. This is still the most credible lead that we have," Mr Hussein said.

As for the strange flight path pf the plane, flight analysts are at odds about whether the change was part of an emergency procedure or a deliberate action.

A US law firm is also currently beginning proceedings against Malaysia Airlines and Boeing –Chicago – Ribbeck Law is leading the case, reportedly worth millions of dollars. 

Source = ETB News: Tom Neale
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