Airlines use big data to improve customer service, operations


The world’s largest airlines are using big data in order to better tailor their services to customers. 

Etihad Airways, for example, uses pricing and management software to personalise the offers it sends to customers. 

It also use a series of complex algorithms to collect and analyse large sets of data that are created during flights and gives crew tablets in order to collect operational or passenger data. 

On the other hand, Qantas uses big data in its engineering.  

The airline gives its engineers the Maintenix system, which allows engineers up to date information about the aircraft’s maintenance history and enables them to receive maintenance instructions, locate and order spare parts, and certify their work.

Finally American Airline are providing customer data directly to flight attendants, corporate account and flight history with the airline. 

However, the use of this data has caused privacy concerns. 

“There's a whole host of social questions that need to be answered," American Airlines chief information and technology officer, Maya Leibman said. 


Source = ETB News: T.N.
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