Flight Review – JetBlue Flight 672 LAX-JFK

JetBlue Flight 672  LAX-JFK
Economy Class
24 October 2011

In addition to JetBlue’s huge presence at Long Beach Airport just south of Los Angeles, the New York-based airline also offers travellers direct connections from LAX to JFK, which is great for Asia-Pacific travellers looking to fly from our most popular US gateway to New York in style without breaking the bank.  Noted for its consistently good service, onboard television broadcasts, and extensive network, JetBlue permits the first checked bag to fly free for all its passengers, adding value to what is already a travel experience where a low price does not necessarily indicate low qualiy.

Check in at LAX was quick, easy, and friendly, which are three very good ways to start a travel day.  The airport was busy, as LAX always is, but everything kept moving, security line included.  When the incoming plane arrived (from New York), the turnaround time was impressively speedy and passengers for the departing flight were boarding less than half an hour after the plane had arrived at the gate.  The flight to JFK was full, but there was none of that tension or stress often accompanying full flights.  Maybe it was the laidback California influence that kept everyone in good spirits, or maybe it was the soft comfort of JetBlue’s leather seats, which make passengers feel as if they are sitting on a luxurious armchair watching TV just as they may do at home.  The captain’s entertaining welcome address over the PA system set the tone for the rest of the flight; entertainment is one of JetBlue’s strongpoints, with both films and television programs available for viewing.

Snacks and soft drinks, which are served free on JetBlue flights, are brought by enthusiastic flight attendants who do not push a cart down the aisle, but rather ask passengers individually what they wish before returning with the items indicated.    

Just before arriving at JFK, one of the flight attendants request that we passengers allow two travellers with tight connections to exit first; this request was honoured without question by the cooperative passengers.  Checked bags were delivered without delay, then it was out to the car service for the ride home.
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: R.L.B
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