Sea World Team Monitors Killer Whale Pod near Fraser Island!

All images credit: Sea World

The Sea World Rescue team, along with Marine Parks is continuing to monitor the movements of a pod of Killer Whales on the western side of Fraser Island.

The pod of nine whales has remained in the same vicinity that they were in yesterday evening, and appear to be in a relaxed and sometimes playful state.

Sea World Animal Care Supervisor Tacha Mulligan said that at this time there is no reason to intervene with the Killer Whales.

“The pod seems to be quite comfortable in their current location and we have even observed some members rolling on their backs and displaying tail lobs which are relaxed and playful behaviours.

“At this point in time we have not seen any indication in the pod’s behaviour that gives us cause for concern.

“Sea World and Marine Parks will continue to monitor the Killer Whales and intervention would only be required if it becomes clear they are not able to make their own way into open water.

A third deceased Killer Whale was located yesterday evening and appears to have been dead for more than 24 hours.

“We are not optimistic that we will be able to understand how or why it died due to decomposition of the carcass.

“The necropsy performed yesterday on an adult female that died on Wednesday showed it had no food it its stomach and had very little milk in its mammary glands even though it had a young calf with it.

“At this point in time whilst there are no indications of illness amongst the remaining nine whales, it gives us concern that three animals have died in such a short space of time and we will continue to monitor the Killer Whales behaviour,” she said.

Sea World has been undertaking whale rescues since 1974.  In addition to marine animal rescues, the Sea World Research and Rescue Foundation provides direct funding for marine vertebrate research via private and public sectors.



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