Stargate-ing to Hollywood North, Vancouver


Vancouver’s location and climate draws in
US film makers

Hollywood North: a sanctuary for directors who see Vancouver’s proximity, climate and scenic beauty as a lustrous alternative to the back lots of LA.

Why the bolded words? Do you have any idea just how many films and TV series have been filmed in and around Vancouver? The bolded words contained herein are just some of the top shows shot in the northern Hollywood that is Vancouver. Let us know your favourites!

Although equipped with four major studios, the city’s outdoor appeal removes the firewalls of paid and organised touring, with film fans and travelers having access to scenes from their favourite films at any time.

Gastown, where the old meets new  

Stepping through the stargate and unveiling the X files behind Vancouver’s well-established and successful film industry, it is abundantly clear that the number one unforgettable location favored by US film makers is Vancouver’s third largest city, Gastown.

Named after the 1867 arrival of a man whose nickname was derived from the never ending story of his chatterbox manner and string of lies, the city’s unique foundation as well as its blend of old and new has spun itself an invisible seduction, tempting action packed film makers into its web.

Meanwhile killer instinct and horror directors seem to find themselves drawn to the vast and isolated Buntzen Lake.

Running at 4.8 kilometers and surrounded by high hills and trees, its seclusion offers a haunted and antitrust effect for the eye behind the lens, but an adventurous relaxation for visitors.

The Lake’s framed forest is equipped with up to 13 hiking trails and loops of all levels that lead to views of outer cities, but be sure to stay on path… Freddy or Jason are waiting for any who dare to trail off, Psych!  

  Buntzen Lake, where Freddy met Jason

Its robotic alluding title isn’t the only reason sci-fi TV series creators are drawn to Robson Square in downtown Vancouver, with the city’s futuristic façade creating an out-of-this world runway.

Housing the city’s highest skyscraper as well as a dome-like entrance, it is likely to see countless people passing through the Square pretending to be a part of Xavier’s X-Men or one of the 4400 humans selected to obtain special powers.

While the number of filming locations across Vancouver seem endless, the importance and popularity of the city’s University of British Columbia University and Simon Fraser University need to be noted.

Sci-fi creators often steer towards Robson Square  

Simon Fraser University has seen up to 20 film crews pass through its halls while British Columbia’s faculties have features in over forty movies and TV series.

Although it may have taken a while, it is now abundantly clear that though the stars may rest in LA, it’s in Vancouver where they shine.

Interesting facts:

  • Vancouver’s film industry is the third largest in North America, following Los Angeles and New York City.
  • The majority of films and shows developed in Vancouver are science fiction.

  • Film contributes up to CA$1 billion per year to the country’s economy and employs up to 50,000 people, reported.

  • Hollywood was first attracted to the city because of its exchange rate and tax incentives, as well as its natural beauty.

  • My favourite series franchise Stargate was filmed in Vancouver.
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: Nahrain John
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