The New mTrip Travel Guides Introduces the Easiest Way to Share Trips Online



mTrip launches an online sharing feature for its mobile applications

After successfully launching on iPhone & Android, mTrip Travel Guides has expanded to the web, offering travelers an easy way to share their trip journey’s and photos online for free with friends and family.

Travelers can use mTrip’s mobile app to add geo-located pictures and notes to trips and then instantly sync them online on a personal page accessible on any web browser by PC, iPad & Android Tablet.

Since the mobile guides are offline, the traveler can prepare itineraries, photos, comments and postcards and the items will be stored on the device until a WiFi connection is detected (ie. from a hotel or back at home), at which point they are automatically synced online. After returning from vacation, it’s not necessary to create a trip diary or spend time creating photo albums. Users just press ‘Sync’ in the mobile guide, and the entire trip is shared online with friends. Et voila!

The traveler can share:

  • Trip itinerary
  • Travel Photos
  • Trip Journal & Comments
  • Reviews & Ratings

Traveler Benefits:

  • Sharing trips is extremely easy & quick
  • Very user-friendly interface
  • Friends & family can follow your trips in real-time
  • One place to keep all your travel memories
  • Free service, no account needed!
Source = mTrip
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