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The Clever Travel Companion keeps your stuff safe – here, there, everywhere with the original underwear with secret pockets that keep passports, cash and credit cards out of sight and out of trouble!

The Clever Travel Companion has launched its web store at – where the original underwear with pockets, that keep a traveler’s valuables safe from pickpockets, are sold.

The Clever Travel Companion designs and produces products with one simple goal: to make travelers safe and secure on the road. Being robbed of ones passport, credit card or cash completely ruins a huge number of travelers trips each year, not to mention the huge discomfort and even fear they feel after such a terrible incident. Even more travelers accidentally simply misplace their belongings or forget them somewhere remote with no possibility of going back. Being stranded in a remote unfamiliar village, without passport or money is not fun, as anyone who this has happend to can testament to.

With the Clever Travel Companion’s underwear with pockets this problem disappears. The underwear which is designed in cool modern styles – a boy short for women and a boxer brief for men – has two pockets with secure zippers on the front. The underwear are made in soft cotton and comes in several fun colors. The underwear are comfortable, you wont feel the pockets at all, and the pockets are just the right size for any passport and holds credit cards and cash comfortably. No one but the person wearing the underwear will have a clue that the travelers valuables are safely hidden away – no pickpocket, no matter how smart, will get to them!

If a backpacker needs to spend the night in a misty train stations somewhere in Europe, take a nap on a ferry in the Greek Archipelago or share cramped accommodations of the beaten track in a hostel somewhere in Russia, he or she can rest assured knowing that the most important valuables are safe, hidden away in the Clever Travel Companion’s foolproof underwear with pockets.

The Clever Travel Companion’s products are aimed at travelers from all walks of life, backpackers, adventurers, inter railers, island hoppers as well as weekend travelers and charter tourists. Anyone who wants to make sure they don’t lose anything of value and who wants to minimize the risk of problems on their journey!

The Clever Travel Companion’s products are available at
Shipping is free on all orders over USD 40 – and The Clever Travel Companion ships to anywhere in the world!

The Clever Travel Companion also sells fun t-shirts with travel quotes, such as ‘The world’s mine oyster’ from Shakespeare, and this fall we will add additional innovative products with secret pockets and an expanded line of the original underwear with pockets in new colors and patterns!


Source = Clever Travel Companion
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