Sporting holidays Europe’s growing trend


A survey revealed there has been a huge interest in sporting holidays among European travellers in particular with the German tourists.

The survey commissioned by ITB Berlin, showed that over the last five years there has been an increase in sporting holidays among European tourists, superseding cruise holidays which five years ago ranked higher than sporting holidays.

The survey reported that Germans represent 42 per cent of the nine million sporting holidays taken by Europeans abroad followed by the Dutch who ranked second at 14 per cent and only six per cent or less for the European markets.

The most popular destinations for sporting holidaymakers include Austria, followed by Italy and Germany.

Among the Europeans, hiking was the most popular activity, 38 per cent and cycling came in at second with 24 per cent, thirdly followed by car, motorcycle and motorboat racing at 14 per cent.

The Germans reported similar sporting preference, hiking was the most popular at 34 per cent and cycling at 25 per cent and only nine per cent preferred golf.

Competence Centre Travel director Dr Martin Buck said sporting holidays have a huge potential for tourism in the future.

“A growing awareness of one’s body and mind means that people are increasingly keen to improve their health when on vacataion,” Dr Buck said.

Dr Buck said what he found interesting is that this niche segment belongs predominately to the wealthier parts of society and due to this they are a much targeted market.

He added that European sporting holidaymakers average 43 years of age and are usually living in households without children.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: S.P
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