09th September Bangkok to Auckland on Thai International Flight TG491

Check In

thaiThere was only a short queue when we checked in for this flight so check in was fast and efficient and we were allocated seats 34E and 34F, as has been pre-booked by our agent, which are middle seat and aisle in the economy cabin of a B777.

Boarding and Flight

Boarding was on time and the flight was ready to depart on time however the captain made an announcement that due to only one runway in operation push back was delayed by an hour and half.

At that stage I was not aware that an A330 had skidded off one of the runways earlier that day and blocked the use of that runway. Light refreshments were served as we waited for pushback. Once airborne a dinner was served and prior to arrival in Auckland a breakfast was served. The meals were all of a very high standard, for economy class airline meals, and served with metal cutlery and nice glasses. The in-flight entertainment is an interactive touch screen with a wide selection of movies, TV shows and games. Due to the late departure arrival in to Auckland was just over an hour behind schedule. Interestingly, the arrival cards handed out had a question asking if we were visiting New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup 2011!!! Was this just old stock or was there a serious overprinting two years ago?

Overall Impression

This was close to a full flight, and whilst an overnight flight the seat configuration, 3x3x3 in the economy cabin, and seat pitch allows all passengers to have a reasonable amount of space. Thai provide a top class service with all the latest equipment and facilities. A printed menu is a lot better than having to try and decipher the on-board announcements of what the menu choice is, or having to have the cabin staff repeat the menu for every passenger. Metal cutlery and nice glasses also certainly enhance a meal. The Thai service is hard to fault.


Source = ETB News: RN
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