6th September Zanzibar to Nairobi on Precision Air Flight PW713

Check In

Precision AirAt Zanzibar Airport you need to clear a security check before entering the check-in area. Once in the check-in area there was a long queue for the Precision Air flight to Nairobi.

At check-in I explained we were connecting to a Kenya Airways flight to Bangkok. Despite providing them with our e-ticket they were unable to find our onward booking but agreed to interline the bags through anyway.

Having completed check-in you then proceed to pay departure tax of US$48 per person, clear immigration and security again before entering the departure lounge, which is one lounge for all departing flights.

Boarding and Flight

The boarding card we had been issued with showed a boarding time of 1310 and a departure time of 1700 for a flight scheduled to depart at 1630. Actual boarding time was at 1610 and the flight departed on schedule at 1630. This flight was operated by an ATR which was in good condition and a service of complimentary soft drink/orange juice/ water and packet of cashew nuts was provided. Arrival in to Nairobi was on-time at 1810.

Overall Impression

For a regional carrier the flights on Precision Air are very good and the in-flight magazine is excellent for the routes operated with relevant and topical articles about their destinations. Unfortunately the total impression is tainted by the airport facilities they need to work with, which they do not have control over, and the check-in operations. Boarding cards printed with contradictory and wrong information is not caused by the airport facilities.


Source = ETB News: RN
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