Cayucos Hotel Supports Restoring Landmark Cayucos Pier


The Cayucos community is working together to raise $100,000 in a kick-starter fund to help secure grants in an effort to cover the projected $2M or more restoration of the Cayucos Pier, one of the town's most recognizable landmarks. Laila Kollmann, owner of the Cayucos Shoreline Inn, agrees that the iconic pier contributes to the heart of the beachfront town.

The fundraising campaign was publicly launched last month in time to catch the crowds of visitors over the 4th of July holiday weekend. Campaign organizers represent a broad sampling among many of the town's 3,000 residents, and raised over $28,000 in just 3 days by selling T-shirts and collecting donations. Any amount raised over $100,000 will be used toward future maintenance efforts.

"As locals, we know that the views from the pier are the best in Cayucos," says Kollman, whose Cayucos hotel is one of the few lodging options directly on the beach. "Watching the sunset just wouldn't be the same without it."

On July 5th, half of the pier was closed to the public due to safety concerns. The wooden pier measures 953 feet long, and was built in the 1880s by Captain James Cass, the founder of Cayucos. The pier has been rebuilt and repaired a number of times throughout the years, and became official state property in 1920.

Cayucos has been a central hub for local and visiting fishermen, as well as a recognized landmark of the coastal landscape. The pier is regarded as a symbol of the historic beach town roots of Cayucos, as well as a community gathering place. The pier is visible from many of the Morro Bay hotels in the area.

Although Cayucos Pier has, until recently, remained open to the public, maintenance has only been sporadic. Emergency repairs following severe storm damage were conducted in 1983 and again 10 years later, but more comprehensive structural repairs have not taken place for decades. The majority of the pier is at least 60 years old, with some sections more than twice that. Many critical pilings are detached or missing completely, and the remaining support pilings have been weakened by years of sun and surf.

"If we can raise the $100,000, then we'll be eligible for grant-matching funds," explains Kollman whose hotel serves the visitor traffic that comes to see the Cayucos Pier and other area attractions. "The entire town is very committed to the cause."

County supervisors have approved the investment of $103,000 for more comprehensive structural inspections, including additional engineering and construction documentation. These reports should be completed by late fall of 2013. Until that time, community volunteers will continue planning fundraising events, including a system where donors can buy new pier planks that would be installed with the donor names on commemorative plaques.

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