Asiana offers crash passengers compensation


  Compensation offer not a settlement, will not affect lawsuits.  

Asiana Airlines will offer an initial compensation payment worth US$10,000 to all survivors of the San Francisco plane crash that occurred last month.

The monetary benefits have been offered by the airline in an attempt to aid the 288 surviving passengers cover medical expenses, reported.

“This is a minimum payment we are offering for all passengers, regardless of whether they were injured or not,” an Asiana spokesperson said.

“Those who were relatively unharmed and whose ultimate compensation may come to less than US$10,000 will still be allowed to keep the rest of the money.”

The amount paid will be deducted from the total compensation once officially decided.

The compensation offer is not a settlement and will not affect lawsuits filed by passengers.

The families of the three Chinese students who lost their lives during the crash have retained a United States law firm and are seeking additional compensation.

Ribbeck Law Chartered filed a petition against Boeing in July on behalf of 83 passengers.

The cause of the crash remains under investigation by US aviation authorities.

Source = ETB News: PT
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