Cruise Amour introduces Photo Itineraries to website

Cruise Amour, on-line travel agency, has launched ‘Photo Itineraries’ which provides an example of how the thought-out application of relatively on-page technology combined with existing content can significantly enhance the customer journey.

Managing director Tim Hurrell explained, "Most cruise websites use generic destination / ship images that are often only region or cruise line specific and don’t represent the destinations or actual ship concerned. To us this seems like complete madness and potentially misleading. We decided that we would only show our customers destination / ship imagery specific to the cruise they were looking at, the question was how best to do so".

Available for every cruise holiday on the Cruise Amour website, the new Cruise Amour ‘Photo Itineraries’ give passengers a day-by-day view of their cruise. For each day the ‘Photo Itinerary’ shows a destination or ship image and a brief snippet of helpful information combined with standard itinerary information such as date and port of call.

"We realised that by showing a relevant image for each day of the cruise we could help our customers experience and visualise future holidays, giving them a sneak peak of what their next holiday photo album may look like.
Another goal was to dispel the myth that sea days are dull and a waste of precious holiday time. By showing onboard photos accompanied by captions suggesting things to do we can highlight the wide-range of activities available onboard and help customers get the most out of their time at sea", said Hurrell.

The Cruise Amour’s ‘Photo Itineraries’ can be seen in action by visiting the Cruise Amour website and clicking on any of the offers listed on the Home page or on the Our Best Offers page.

Source = Cruise Amour
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