Sydney Stars in Latest Princess Cruises’ Blog

New Year’s Eve in Sydney

As the year draws to a close, Sydney’s spectacular New Year’s Eve fireworks have starred in Princess Cruises  blog, “50 Essential Experiences: The Travel Bucket List.”
Steve Zadra, director of hotel operations for Princess Tours in Alaska, shares what it was like to be in Sydney, Australia for one of the most famous New Year’s celebrations in the world.

He writes: “As lights clicked on, illuminating the bridge and the Opera House, suddenly I was looking right at the exact view I’d seen so often on TV. And yet, here I was experiencing it firsthand!  The fireworks seemed to come from everywhere – from barges in the harbor, the bridge and nearby buildings. The display was huge, so huge that the Harbour Bridge itself seemed small by comparison.”

The blog’s “Reader Essential Experience of the Week” is written by Steve’s wife, Tracy, who describes an Australian rain forest camping adventure the couple shared just before their Sydney visit.


Source = Princess Cruises
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