Crocodile on flight kills 19


A Filair plane crashed killing 19 people after a stowaway crocodile escaped its carrier’s bag.

A lone survivor told investigators that the Let L410 Turbolet plane crash earlier in the year on route from Kinshasa to Bandundu in the Democratic Republic of Congo occurred because a crocodile escaped its confinement and caused a human stampede that tipped the aircraft, reported.

After the reptile escaped crew and passengers ran towards the cockpit, throwing the plane off balance mid-air.

Despite the pilot’s attempts to level out the aircraft, it crashed into an empty house a few hundred metres away from its destination killing 19 of the 20 people on board.

The crocodile survived the crash but was later slashed with a machete by rescuers searching through the wreckage.


Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J
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