Seychelles leads by example and commits to move towards MDG Plus targets


At the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Summit, Seychelles has made a commitment to move towards MDG Plus (MDG+) targets, which go beyond initial targets set.

“Seychelles is one of the first countries in the African region to make this commitment, and this announcement reflects the strong policies that the government has put in place to maintain and enhance our commitment to people-centered development,” the Vice President of Seychelles has stated from New York.

The commitment was made by the Vice President of the republic Danny Faure during his speech at the summit:

“We are determined to succeed despite these constraints (caused by the world financial crisis). I am pleased to inform this summit that Seychelles will be engaging with the UN system to enter into commitments towards setting MDG Plus targets. We are making this commitment for the benefit of our citizens, but also to re-set the challenge of development. To make development sustainable, small island developing states (SIDS) need access to a wider scope of developmental mechanisms."

The Vice President stated that Seychelles was well on the way to achieving the Millennium Development Goals; however, more effort was needed at the international level to provide mechanisms which matched the development needs of small island developing states.

“In an increasingly interconnected world, the marginalization of SIDS is increasing, and we need the global development architecture to recognize this. We need to have formal recognition of SIDS as a developmental category by the UN system and the Bretton Woods institutions,” the Vice President stated in his address.

As Seychelles moves towards these commitments, it is expected that continued emphasis will be placed on the key sectors of health and education. The commitment of MDG Plus will also give particular attention to specific vulnerabilities within Seychelles’ development.

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