Don’t forget to watch Criss Angel’s “SMASH” demonstration at Grand Canyon West’s Eagle Point, home of the Skywalk, this Wednesday on A&E!


At the monumental Grand Canyon Skywalk at Grand Canyon West in front of hundreds of spectators, world famous illusionist Criss Angel will be shackled and locked inside a confining solid crate except for holes to view his face and hands at all times. The crate will then be hoisted over the edge of the canyon–over 4,000 feet above the Colorado River. If Criss does not escape in time, HE WILL DIE. Viewers get an uninterrupted view of Criss’ face, hands, and feet as he attempts to escape his bonds and the crate before it crashes to the river below.

Criss Angel MindFreak “SMASH” demonstration at Eagle Point will be aired on A&E on Wednesday, September 1st, 2010 at 10PM/9PM Central. Keep your eyes peeled for Wilfred Whatoname Jr. from the Hualapai Tribe helping Criss through his death defying feat!




Source = Hualapai Tourism
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